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There are a lot of great ways

to explore a place, but the best

so far is by foot.

Dana Biosphere Reserve

is one of the largest reserves

in Jordan.

And that means hours of hours

of hikes around the area.

There’s are many for all your needs.

Below are just a few of what

the reserve offers to its visitors.

wadi dana
white hills

Our Hiking Trails

dana valley

Wadi Dana Trail 


Is the main reason people visit Dana.

Geology of Dana contains limestone, sandstone, and granite and the area of Wadi Dana features wind-cut sandstone cliffs.

Dana is the only nature reserve in Jordan that crosses four bio-geographical zones

Mediterranean, Irano-Turanian, Saharo-Arabian, and Sudanian penetration.

The trail is beautiful and takes you into a wild part of Jordan which few people visit.

It gives experience of the simple nomadic bedouins lifestyle walking around with their goats and camels.

Goats around


Plant with furry leaves

What makes the Wadi Dana Trail so unique?

15 km

One of the Bedouin tents


Feynan eco lodge


The Wadi Dana Trail is 15 km from Dana Village through the valley to Feynan Ecolodge.

The hike is a relatively easy, Just the beginning is a hard downhill then easy walk through the spectacular

Dana valley.

the best way is to do it from Dana to Feynan, not the other way around, because the trail will be more uphill

with a rather steep climb to Dana village at the end.

There is not a lot of shade on the Wadi Dana trail so bring enough protection against the sun

(sun screen, sun hat, sun glasses).

Also bring enough food, snacks and water. You can’t buy anything on the trail.

Your final stop is Feynan Eco-Lodge, a place that was listed in the top 25 eco lodges in the world

by National Geographic.

It is hard to think of how they could be any more eco-friendly with solar panels, candles that are made on site

instead of lights a recycling program and clay bottles to serve water to guests, eliminating the need for plastic.

(Transportation needed)


Dana point view 

Dana trail start point 

How difficult is the Wadi Dana Trail?


The start point 

wadi ghuweir

Wadi Ghuweir Trail


The hanging rock 

The Wadi Ghuweir Trail is a tropical paradise.

You follow a stream of water through a constantly changing landscape.

You walk through a narrow canyon with giant red walls that have been carved out by the water flowing through for centuries.

The walls of the canyon display different shades of red or orange every few feet, and occasionally, you have to climb over large rocks.

Halfway through, you reach hanging gardens filled with ferns, palm trees, and various mosses growing from the walls and crevices of the canyon. In some places, water flows through the canyon walls, providing an opportunity to drink from natural springs. It’s a feast for the eyes, and you’ll want to stop every five minutes to take a photo or simply marvel at the impressive nature.

What makes the Wadi Ghuweir Trail so unique?

Wadi Ghuweir trail

Walking through the water 

A good thing to know is that the Wadi Ghuweir Trail is approximately 14 kilometers, long and cuts through a mountainous gorge.

It’s not an overly difficult hike, but there are some climbing and scrambling involved along the way.

The specific challenges may vary each year, depending on the water flow through the canyon during the winter season

which shapes the landscape.

Accumulated large rocks pose fun obstacles during the hike.

The entire journey takes about 6 hours, with a majority of it being in the shade.

Prior hiking experience is not necessary, but a bit of courage and fitness are beneficial.

Although we usually prefer hiking without a guide, for this hike, we highly recommend having a guide since you never know what you might encounter.

The guide knows the easiest itinerary and can assist you on difficult sections.

They also carry a rope and can provide support for climbing if needed. (Transportation needed)

How difficult is the Wadi Ghuweir Trail?


The green canyon 


The siq

climbing the rock

The palm trees

14 km

Shaq Reesh Trail

It's a hidden area in the heart of the Dana Nature Reserve.

Makes hikers wander through its exceptional landscapes, which include a siq, hills and small historical sites.

You’ll come across juniper and wild pistachio trees, fragrant lavender and sage, and natural wells.

Even though this trail is shorter than some, it doesn’t compromise on offering intriguing topography.

This zone is known for its one of a kind limestone rock structures which are clearly visible from Dana

situated on the valley’s southern flank.

Specifically, Shaq Al Reesh translates to ‘feather’s crack’, indicating a vast geological fracture in the limestone


Where you can find plenty of bird feathers since the area serves as a natural habitat for numerous species

in the Nature Reserve.

The path takes you over, around, and among these rocks, and its unique charm is sure to enchant you.


What makes the Shaq Reesh Trail so unique?

shaq reesh

The start point

Colorful rock walls

How difficult is the Shaq Reesh Trail?

Generally considered a moderately to easy 4 km loop trail, It takes an average of 2 or 3 Hours

to complete.

A 10 minuets drive south of the village, where lush woodlands give way to networks of canyons

and gorges cutting into the mountainous landscape.

This is the starting point for the superb Shag Reesh Trail to a Nabatean mountain retreat

("Canyon of the Feathers" in Arabic).

The walk begins in flower-filled meadows and quiet terraces, but involves a bit of scrambling

and climbing through a narrow gorge to reach the spectacular summit

dotted with cisterns and water channels. ( No transportation needed )

The valley of shaq reesh


The lion's face 

shaq reesh

4 km


The Rummana Trail

8 km

They say life is a climb, and the best views are from above.

Such is the case with this natural reserve, the Rummana trail starts from Dana village and goes all the way up the mountain

where you get to take in marvelous views of Wadi Araba.

On your hike, you’ll get to see magnificent limestone and sandstone formations, and some interesting birds, if you’re lucky!

The Rummana Trail, nestled within the heart of Dana Nature Reserve

offers a splendid opportunity to immerse oneself in the natural beauty of Jordan.

Managed by the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN), this trail is a testament to Jordan's commitment

to preserving its unique ecosystems and natural heritage.

The nature reserve itself serves as a sanctuary for a diverse range of flora and fauna making it a haven for nature

enthusiasts and hikers alike.

dana village

What makes the Rummana Trail so unique?

Rummana campsite

Wadi araba view 

Wadi araba view 


How difficult is the Shaq Reesh Trail?


It is rated moderate which good for the beginning section

which is quite steep.

It's 8 km one way around 4 hours to complete the trail

and it provided great views in all directions.

No need to climb the rocks or to pass hills. It can be done one point 

to another with prepared transfer ( entrance fees may apply ) or

to way which around 16 km hike. 

Valley landscape 

Stone marks for directions 


We Are Hikers, Not A Tours Agency

We love it, We Live It.





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